In the words of Joey, “vaffanapoli eh”?

Today was the one of the most adventurous of our trip by far. Besides Grant’s luggage situation, the trip has been a breeze. He was actually rewarded 15,000 bonus miles from the airline carrier but we both agree that isn’t enough to ease the stress that we endured. As for today, we began at 7am and it is nearly ending now at what will be near 11:30pm here when I finish this post. We disembarked the cruise rather early since the company that we purchased our train tickets from Venice to Rome would not let Grant complete his purchase over the internet. The price for the ticket at the station was then neither double in price than it was online, but we had to make it to Rome since we already had our place booked (for once). Seven hours later on the train, Italy was getting the best of us. We must have looked like we were lost because a man came up to us and showed us where we had to go. Low and behold, our place of rest is well without the city limits of Rome and the information desk at the train station had told us to take the metro to point a, another train to point b, then a bus to point c after exactly 6 stops. I said nay and we found our way closer to the campsite than the people of the city had told us in the first place. Just a few minutes of becoming familiar with the map of the metro and we managed to make it to the buses without having to pay for that second train. At the bus stop was mecca (McDonald’s) and we each woofed it down before catching the bus out. A taxi from the train station out here would have been at least 50euros but collectively we made it out here for 2euros combined in what would have most likely have been the same amount of time as taking a taxi; certainly it was safer to us too. Leaving the office after check in, Grant turned to me and said, “I’m sure glad you pushed me”. He was ready to call it a night in downtown Rome but now we have this feeling of accomplishment. What a day…it went from both of us hating Italy to thinking this may be the best part of the trip. Tomorrow, the Trevi Fountain, Coliseum, and hopefully the Vatican. We do have another day after that though. One thing that can be written in stone is that we are definitely ready for next wednesday to be here.


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